Technical Reports

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2021-14: SPH-based Terradynamics Simulation using dual GPUs (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Colin Vanden Heuvel, Dan Negrut)

2021-13: Using Half-implicit Numerical Integration to Solve the Equations of Constrained Multibody Dynamics, Luning Fang, Alexandra Kissel, Simone Benatti, Dan Negrut

2021-12: Using Velocity Partitioning in the Formulation to Solve the Equations of Constrained Multi-body Dynamics (Alexandra Kissel, Simone Benatti, Dan Negrut)

2021-11: Overview of an SPH solution for off-road mobility analysis via GPU computing (Wei Hu, Jason, Colin Vanden Heuvel, Dan Negrut)

2021-10: Granular Dynamics  Simulation with Clumped Spheres (Ruochun Zhang, Luning Fang, Colin Vanden Heuvel, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-09: Radar Modeling and Simulation

2021-07: Modeling linear DC motor in Chrono rover models (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-05: On the Validation of Chrono::Gpu (Luning Fang, Ruochun Zhang, Dan Negrut)

2021-04: A summary of NASA’s Curiosity-class mars rover model in Chrono (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-03: A summary of NASA’s VIPER moon rover model in Chrono (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-02: Mechanism for Distributed Simulation Outside a Cluster Environment (Aaron Young, Jay Taves, Dan Negrut)

2021-01: A comparison of three formulations to carry out rigid body dynamics simulation (Jay Taves, Alexandra Kissel, Dan Negrut)

2020-10: CryptoEmu: An Instruction Set Emulator for Computation Over Ciphers, X. Gong, D. Negrut

2020-09: Efficient CPU-based Calculations of the Generalized Internal Forces and Jacobian of the Generalized Internal Forces for ANCF Continuum Mechanics Elements with Linear Viscoelastic Materials, M. Taylor, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2020-08: On an Exponential Map Approach for Rigid Body Kinematics and Dynamics Analysis, J. Taves, A. Kissel, D. Negrut

2020-07: Sensor Modeling and Simulation for Evaluation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, A. Elmquist, D. Negrut

2020-06: On the Validation of Chrono::Granular, L. Fang, R. Zhang, J. Zhou, D. Negrut

2020-05: Drawbar Pull Testing of Autonomous Vehicle, Zach Gasick

2020-04: Overview of tools and environments used for the simulation of robots and autonomous vehicles, A. Elmquist, J. Taves, D. Negrut

2020-03: Producing 3D friction forces/torques by tracking the motion of the contact points on surfaces in mutual contact, D. Negrut, L. Fang

2020-02: Using an SPH-based continuum representation of granular terrain to simulate the mobility of an eight-wheel rover, W. Hu, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2020-01: The Effects of Spatial Grid Resolution on DEM-P Frictional Contact, N. Olsen

2019-08: “Autonomous Vehicle Path Tracking via Model Predictive Control with PID Speed Control for Optimal Travel Time,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-07: “Model Predictive Control for Path Tracking with PID Speed Control Considering Minimum-time Speed Profile Design,” S. Chen, H., Shen, D. Negrut

2019-06: “Autonomous Driving via Model Predictive Control for Path Tracking and PID Speed Control,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-05: “Vehicle Path Tracking via Model Predictive Control,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-04: “A MATLAB Implementation of a Set of Three Vehicle Dynamics Models,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-03: “Model Predictive Control for Multibody Dynamics via Cosimulation of Chrono and Matlab/Simulink,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-02: “The Basics of Model Predictive Control in Multibody Dynamics,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-01: “Sensitivity Analysis for Hybrid Systems and Systems with Memory,” R. Serban, A. Recuero

2018-03: “Quantum Annealing for Mobility Studies: Generation of GO/NO-GO Maps via Quantum-Assisted Machine Learning,” R. Serban, M. Wilson, M. Benedetti, J. Realpe-Gomez, A. Perdomo-Ortiz

2018-01: “A Comparison of Several Low order Integration Methods vis-a-vis Dissipation and Stability Properties,” L. Fang

2017-09: “Overview of the Chrono ADAMS Parser,” C. Kelly, R. Serban

2017-08: “Overview of the Chrono OpenSim Parser,” C. Kelly, R. Serban

2017-07: “Performance Analysis of Constant Speed Local Obstacle Avoidance Controller Using an MPC Algorithm on Granular Terrain,” N. Haraus, R. Serban, J. Fleischmann

2017-06: “Networking Architecture for Distributed Vehicle Simulation in the CAVE Project,” D. Hatch

2017-05: “NG-NRMM Phase II Benchmarking: Chrono Wheeled-Vehicle Platform Simulation Results Summary,” A. Elmquist, R. Gericke, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2017-04: “Hybrid OpenMP – MPI Simulation for Large-Scale Granular Dynamics in Chrono,” N. Olsen, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2017-03: “An Overview of the Theoretical Foundation of the Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Method,” Z. Lal, M. Rakhsha, D. Negrut

2017-02: “Using Chrono::FSI and Chrono::Vehicle for the Analysis of Sloshing Phenomena in Vehicle Dynamics Maneuvers,” H. Mazhar, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2017-01: “An Overview of the Chrono Soil Contact Model (SCM) Implementation,” A. Tasora, D. Mangoni, D. Negrut

2016-18: “Using the Complementarity and Penalty Methods for Solving Frictional Contact Problems in Chrono: Validation for the Shear-Test with Particle Image Velocimetry,” M. Kwarta, D. Negrut

2016-17: “Using the Complementarity and Penalty Methods for Solving Frictional Contact Problems in Chrono: Validation for the Standard Triaxial Test,” M. Kwarta, D. Negrut

2016-16: “Using the Complementarity and Penalty Methods for Solving Frictional Contact Problems in Chrono: Validation for the Cone Penetration Test,” M. Kwarta, D. Negrut

2016-15: “Basic Comparison of Chrono::Vehicle and ADAMS/Car,” M. Taylor, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2016-14: “An Overview of an SPH Technique to Maintain Second-Order Convergence for 2D and 3D Fluid Dynamics,” W. Hu, W. Pan, M. Rakhsha, D. Negrut

2016-13: “Virtual Sensing for Autonomous Vehicle Simulation in Chrono,” A. Elmquist, D. Negrut

2016-12: “Posing Multibody Dynamics with Friction and Contact as a Differential Algebraic Inclusion Problem,” D. Negrut, R. Serban

2016-11: “Chrono Support for ANCF Finite Elements: Formulation and Validation Aspects,” A. Recuero, D. Negrut

2016-10: “Chrono::Vehicle – Template-Based Ground Vehicle Modeling and Simulation,” R. Serban, M. Taylor, D. Negrut, A. Tasora

2016-09: “Overview of Chrono Build Process and Infrastructure,” C. Kelly, C. Vanden Heuvel

2016-08: “NG-NRMM Phase I Benchmarking: Chrono Tracked Vehicle Simulation Results Summary,” R. Serban, M. Taylor, D. Melanz, D. Negrut

2016-07: “Wheeled Vehicle Mobility Studies in Chrono: Nonlinear Finite Element Tires on Granular Terrain,” A. Recuero, R. Serban, B. Peterson, H. Sugiyama, D. Negrut

2016-06: “Networking Architecture for the Distributed Simulation of Manned and Autonomous Vehicles,” D. Hatch

2016-05: “An Introduction to the Floating Frame of Reference Formulation,” A. Recuero, D. Negrut

2016-04: “Cone penetration results for 3mm glass beads and 20-30 Ottawa sand,” K. Williams

2016-03: “Incompressible Implicit SPH,” M. Rakhsha, A. Pazouki, D. Negrut

2016-02: “Using an Anti-Relaxation Step to Improve the Accuracy of the Frictional Contact Solution in a Differential Variational Inequality Framework for the Rigid Body Dynamics Problem,” D. Melanz, H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2016-01: “Representing fluid dynamics as a many-body dynamics problem: a vehicle fording analysis test case,” H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2015-13: “Implementation and Validation of the Fiala Tire Model in Chrono,” M. Taylor

2015-12: “Analysis of a Splitting Approach for the Parallel Solution of Linear Systems on GPU Cards,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2015-10: “Investigation of Mesh to Point Cloud Conversion Approaches for Applications in SPH-based Fluid-Solid Interaction Simulations,” Felipe Gutierrez, Charles Ricchio, Milad Rakhsha, Arman Pazouki, Wei Hu, Dan Negrut

2015-09: “Boundary Condition Enforcing markers for SPH,” A. Pazouki, B. Song, D. Negrut

2015-08: “Study of SpMV performance using PETSc,” V. Megavannan, O. Deshmukh, N. Subramaniam, D. Negrut

2015-07: “A Study of Sparse-Matrix Vector Multiplication (SpMV) on Different Architectures and Libraries,” N. Subramaniam, O. Deshmukh, V. Megavannan, D. Negrut

2015-06: “DEM-PM Contact Model with Multi-Step Tangential Contact Displacement History,” J. Fleischmann

2015-05: “Validation of Basic Modeling Elements in Chrono,” M. Taylor and R. Serban

2015-04: “Investigation of Charm++ SPMV performance using CSR format,” D. Heller

2015-03: “A Geometric Take on the Implementation of Hilber-Hughes-Taylor Integration Formula in Multibody Dynamics,” D. Negrut, R. Serban

2015-02: “Comparison of SPMV performance on matrices in different matrix formats using CUSP, cuSPARSE and ViennaCL,” A. Li, H. Mazhar, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2015-01: “Comparison of OpenCL performance on different platforms using VexCL and Blaze,” H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2014-17: “An Overview of NVIDIA Tegra K1 Architecture,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-16: “Validation of a Single Contact Point Tire Model Based on the Transient Pacejka Model in the Open-Source Dynamics Software Chrono,” J. Madsen

2014-15: “Lugre Tire Model for HMMWV,” A. Mikkola

2014-14: “Validation of a Steady-State Magic Formula Tire in Chrono with a Commercial Software Implementation,” J. Madsen, A. Dirr

2014-13: “An Analysis of a Primal-Dual Interior Point Method for Computing Frictional Contact Forces in a Differential Inclusion-Based Approach for Multibody Dynamics,” L. Fang, D. Negrut

2014-12: “A Hybrid GPU-CPU Parallel Reordering Algorithm for Bandwidth Reduction of Large Sparse Matrices,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-11: “An Analysis of Several Methods for Handling Hard-Sphere Frictional Contact in Rigid Multibody Dynamics,” H. Mazhar, D. Melanz, M.C. Ferris, D. Negrut

2014-10: “Preliminary Results For Helical Anchoring Project,” H. Mazhar, J. Schneider, D. Negrut

2014-09: “Unified Memory in CUDA 6.0. A Brief Overview of Related Data Access and Transfer Issues,” D. Negrut, R. Serban, A. Li, A. Seidl

2014-08: “The Interplay Between NVIDIA’s Thrust GPU Computing Template Library and Unified Memory Support in CUDA 6.0,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-07: “A Comparison of the Performance of SaP::GPU and Intel’s Math Kernel Library for Solving Dense Banded Linear Systems,” A. Li, O. Deshmukh, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-06: “Chrono::Render A Graphical Visualization Pipeline for Multibody Dynamics Simulations,” D. Kaczmarek, A. Bartholomew, F. Gutierrez, H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2014-05: “Computer Architecture for High Performance Computing, Looking Ahead: Implications of the Dennard Law,” A. Sinha, D. Negrut

2014-04:“A Basic Profiling and Performance Assessment Utility for C++ Codes” P. Sankaranarayanan

2014-03: “Characterization of Intel Xeon Phi for Linear Algebra Workloads” O. Deshmukh, D. Negrut

2014-02: “Performance Analysis of CULA on different NVIDIA GPU Architectures” P. Gupta

2014-01: “An implementation of a reordering approach for increasing the product of diagonal entries in a sparse matrix” A. Li, R. Serban and D. Negrut

2013-05: “SaP::GPU. A Splitting Approach for the Solution of Sparse Linear Systems on the GPU” A. Li, A. Seidl, R. Serban and D. Negrut

2013-04: “A High Performance Computing (HPC) approach to the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method” A. Pazouki and D. Negrut

2013-03: “Studying the Effect of Powder Geometry on the Selective Laser Sintering Process” H. Mazhar, J. Bollmann, E. Forti, A. Praeger, T. Osswald, and D. Negrut

2013-02: “Scaling Analysis of a Penalty Approach For Multibody Dynamics with Friction and Contact” L. Fang

2013-01: “An Investigation of the Extent to which Simulation Can Be Used to Predict the Dynamics of Granular Material” R. Shotwell

2012-04: “A GPU-based LU factorization of dense banded matrices” A. Li, A. Seidl, D. Negrut

2012-03: “Parallel Ray Tracing Simulations with MATLAB for Dynamic Lens Systems” N. Wengert, D. Negrut

2012-02: “A Comparison of Several Solvers for Bound Constraint Quadratic Programming within the Context of Frictionless Multibody Dynamics” T. Heyn, M. Anitescu, A. Tasora, D. Negrut

2012-01: “A Comparison of Chrono::Engine’s Primitive Joints with ADAMS Results” R. Shotwell

2011-04: “A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Approach to the Simulation of the Transport Flow of Cells” A. Pazouki, D. Buschke, P. Resto, B. Ogle, D. Negrut

2011-03: “Using a Granular Dynamics Code to Investigate the Performance of a Helical Anchoring System Design” H. Mazhar, M. Quadrelli, D. Negrut

2011-02: “Tire Modeling for Multibody Dynamics Applications” M. Schmid

2011-01: “SPIKE – A Hybrid Algorithm for Large Banded Systems” T. Heyn, D. Negrut

2010-02: “Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Acoustic Simulations” P. Hahn, D. Negrut

2010-01: “Methods of Tracked Vehicle System Modeling and Simulation” J. Madsen, T. Heyn, D. Negrut

2009-07: “A simulation setup in ABAQUS to study response of a tire under base excitation” K. Manoj

2009-06: “On the Validation of a DVI Approach for the Dynamics of Granular Material” D. Melanz, M. Tupy, B. Smith, K. Turner, D. Negrut

2009-05: “A Stochastic Approach to Integrated Vehicle Reliability Prediction” J. Madsen, D. Ghiocel, D. Gorsich, D. Lamb, D. Negrut

2009-04: “On the Construction and Use of Surrogate Models for the Dynamic Analysis of Multibody Systems” H. Ansari, M. Tupy, D. Makarand, D. Negrut

2009-03: “A Tutorial on Leveraging double-precision GPU Computing for MATLAB Applications” D. Makarand, D. Negrut

2009-02: “A Co-simulation Approach for the Time Analysis of a Biomechanically-Inspired System with Rigid and Deformable Bodies” A. Schmitz, A. Pazouki, D. Thelen, D. Negrut

2009-01: “Surrogate Models for the Dynamic Response of Constrained Multibody Systems” N. Khude, Y. Hwang, P. Qian, D. Negrut

2008-09: “Implicit Integration in Molecular Dynamics Project Summary” N. Schafer, D. Negrut

2008-08: “Efficient Sampling of Dynamical Systems with Spatial Uncertainty” K. Schmitt, M. Anitescu, D. Negrut

2008-07: “A Framework for Uncertainty Quantification in Nonlinear Multi-body System Dynamics” M. Datar, D. Negrut, D. Gorsich, D. Lamb

2008-06: “Real-time Vehicle Simulation for Video Games Using the Bullet Physics Library” H. Mazhar

2008-05: “Scalability of Rigid Body Frictional Contacts with Non-primitive Collision Geometry” J. Madsen, E. Kolajo

2008-04: “On Using Multiple CPU Threads to Manage Multiple GPUs Under CUDA” H. Mazhar

2008-03: “A Gaussian Process-Based Approach for Handling Uncertainty in Vehicle Dynamics Simulation” K. Schmitt, J. Madsen, M. Anitescu, D.Negrut

2008-02: “A Comparison of Low Order Numerical Integration Formulas for Rigid and Flexible Multibody Dynamics” N. Khude, L. O. Jay, D. Negrut

2008-01: “Experiments to Compare Implicit and Explicit Methods of Integration in Molecular Dynamics Simulation” N. Schafer, D. Negrut

2007-07: “A MATLAB implementation of the seven-body mechanism for implicit integration of the constrained equations of motion” N. Khude, D. Negrut

2007-06: “Penalty Versus Complementary-Based Frictional Contact of Rigid Spheres: a CPU Time Comparison” J. Madsen, N. Pechdimaljian, D. Negrut

2007-05: “Use of the Implicit HHT-I3 and the Explicit ADAMS Methods with the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation” B. Hussein, D. Negrut, A. Shabana

2007-04: “An Investigation on New Numerical Methods for Molecular Dynamics Simulation” N. Schafer

2007-03: “Virtual Prototyping of Ground Vehicles” M. Datar, D. Negrut

2007-02: “High Fidelity Modeling and Simulation of Tracked Elements for Off-Road Applications Using MSC/ADAMS”, J. Madsen

2007-01: “A Primer to Electronic Structure Computation” N. Schafer

2006-01: “A Discussion of Low Order Numerical Integration Formulas for Rigid and Flexible Multibody Dynamics” D. Negrut, N. Khude, T. Heyn

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