Technical Reports

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2024-02: A Framework for Designing NASA’s RASSOR Rover using Project Chrono, Luning Bakke, Zhenhao Zhou, Dan Negrut

2023-17: A-Stack with VxWork, Deepak Charan Logavaseekaran, Rakshith Macha Billava, and Dan Negrut

2023-16: ART WALL-E, Sriram Ashokkumar, Nevindu Batagoda, Dan Negrut

2023-15: ART Oak, Harry Zhang, Stefan Caldararu, Dan Negrut

2023-14: ART Broly, Ishaan Mahajan, Huzaifa Unjhawala, Dan Negrut

2023-13: Instance Performance Difference (IPD), Bo-Hsun Chen, Dan Negrut

2023-08: Computing sensitivities of an Initial Value Problem via Automatic Differentiation: A Primer. Huzaifa Unjhawala, Ishaan Mahajan, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut

2023-06: Simplified 4DOF Bicycle Model for Robotics Applications , Harry Zhang, Huzaifa Unjhawala, Stefan Caldararu, Ishaan Mahajan, Lunning Bakke, Dan Negrut

2023-05: Particle Filter basic implementations, Stefan Caldararu, Huzaifa Unjhawala, Harry Zhang, Dan Negrut

2023-04: Integration of Docker Containers and Project Chrono, Thomas Liang

2023-03: Performance Analysis of ROS2, Deepak Charan Logavaseekaran, Rakshith Macha Billava

2023-02: A summary of Continuum Representation Model results of single wheel and full rover tests using GRC-1 and GRC-3 simulant, Wei Hu, Dan Negrut

2023-1: Formulating Model Predictive Control (MPC) strategies in conjunction with error dynamics based waypoint-seeking to model robust vehicle control , Harry Zhang, Shouvik Chatterjee, Thomas Hansen, Stefan Caldararu, Ishaan Mahajan, Nevindu Batagoda, Luning Fang, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut

2022-2: Using random walks to simulate GPS sensing for applications in robotics and autonomous vehicles (Stefan Caldararu, Harry Zhang, Ishaan Mahajan, Thomas Hansen, Shouvik Chatterjee, Nevindu Batagoda, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-14: SPH-based Terradynamics Simulation using dual GPUs (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Colin Vanden Heuvel, Dan Negrut)

2021-13: Using Half-implicit Numerical Integration to Solve the Equations of Constrained Multibody Dynamics, Luning Fang, Alexandra Kissel, Simone Benatti, Dan Negrut

2021-12: Using Velocity Partitioning in the Formulation to Solve the Equations of Constrained Multi-body Dynamics (Alexandra Kissel, Simone Benatti, Dan Negrut)

2021-11: Overview of an SPH solution for off-road mobility analysis via GPU computing (Wei Hu, Jason, Colin Vanden Heuvel, Dan Negrut)

2021-10: Granular Dynamics  Simulation with Clumped Spheres (Ruochun Zhang, Luning Fang, Colin Vanden Heuvel, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-09: Radar Modeling and Simulation

2021-07: Modeling linear DC motor in Chrono rover models (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-05: On the Validation of Chrono::Gpu (Luning Fang, Ruochun Zhang, Dan Negrut)

2021-04: A summary of NASA’s Curiosity-class mars rover model in Chrono (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-03: A summary of NASA’s VIPER moon rover model in Chrono (Jason Zhou, Wei Hu, Radu Serban, Dan Negrut)

2021-02: Mechanism for Distributed Simulation Outside a Cluster Environment (Aaron Young, Jay Taves, Dan Negrut)

2021-01: A comparison of three formulations to carry out rigid body dynamics simulation (Jay Taves, Alexandra Kissel, Dan Negrut)

2020-10: CryptoEmu: An Instruction Set Emulator for Computation Over Ciphers, X. Gong, D. Negrut

2020-09: Efficient CPU-based Calculations of the Generalized Internal Forces and Jacobian of the Generalized Internal Forces for ANCF Continuum Mechanics Elements with Linear Viscoelastic Materials, M. Taylor, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2020-08: On an Exponential Map Approach for Rigid Body Kinematics and Dynamics Analysis, J. Taves, A. Kissel, D. Negrut

2020-07: Sensor Modeling and Simulation for Evaluation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, A. Elmquist, D. Negrut

2020-06: On the Validation of Chrono::Granular, L. Fang, R. Zhang, J. Zhou, D. Negrut

2020-05: Drawbar Pull Testing of Autonomous Vehicle, Zach Gasick

2020-04: Overview of tools and environments used for the simulation of robots and autonomous vehicles, A. Elmquist, J. Taves, D. Negrut

2020-03: Producing 3D friction forces/torques by tracking the motion of the contact points on surfaces in mutual contact, D. Negrut, L. Fang

2020-02: Using an SPH-based continuum representation of granular terrain to simulate the mobility of an eight-wheel rover, W. Hu, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2020-01: The Effects of Spatial Grid Resolution on DEM-P Frictional Contact, N. Olsen

2019-08: “Autonomous Vehicle Path Tracking via Model Predictive Control with PID Speed Control for Optimal Travel Time,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-07: “Model Predictive Control for Path Tracking with PID Speed Control Considering Minimum-time Speed Profile Design,” S. Chen, H., Shen, D. Negrut

2019-06: “Autonomous Driving via Model Predictive Control for Path Tracking and PID Speed Control,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-05: “Vehicle Path Tracking via Model Predictive Control,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-04: “A MATLAB Implementation of a Set of Three Vehicle Dynamics Models,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-03: “Model Predictive Control for Multibody Dynamics via Cosimulation of Chrono and Matlab/Simulink,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-02: “The Basics of Model Predictive Control in Multibody Dynamics,” S. Chen, D. Negrut

2019-01: “Sensitivity Analysis for Hybrid Systems and Systems with Memory,” R. Serban, A. Recuero

2018-03: “Quantum Annealing for Mobility Studies: Generation of GO/NO-GO Maps via Quantum-Assisted Machine Learning,” R. Serban, M. Wilson, M. Benedetti, J. Realpe-Gomez, A. Perdomo-Ortiz, P. Jayakumar

2018-01: “A Comparison of Several Low order Integration Methods vis-a-vis Dissipation and Stability Properties,” L. Fang

2017-09: “Overview of the Chrono ADAMS Parser,” C. Kelly, R. Serban

2017-08: “Overview of the Chrono OpenSim Parser,” C. Kelly, R. Serban

2017-07: “Performance Analysis of Constant Speed Local Obstacle Avoidance Controller Using an MPC Algorithm on Granular Terrain,” N. Haraus, R. Serban, J. Fleischmann

2017-06: “Networking Architecture for Distributed Vehicle Simulation in the CAVE Project,” D. Hatch

2017-05: “NG-NRMM Phase II Benchmarking: Chrono Wheeled-Vehicle Platform Simulation Results Summary,” A. Elmquist, R. Gericke, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2017-04: “Hybrid OpenMP – MPI Simulation for Large-Scale Granular Dynamics in Chrono,” N. Olsen, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2017-03: “An Overview of the Theoretical Foundation of the Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Method,” Z. Lal, M. Rakhsha, D. Negrut

2017-02: “Using Chrono::FSI and Chrono::Vehicle for the Analysis of Sloshing Phenomena in Vehicle Dynamics Maneuvers,” H. Mazhar, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2017-01: “An Overview of the Chrono Soil Contact Model (SCM) Implementation,” A. Tasora, D. Mangoni, D. Negrut

2016-18: “Using the Complementarity and Penalty Methods for Solving Frictional Contact Problems in Chrono: Validation for the Shear-Test with Particle Image Velocimetry,” M. Kwarta, D. Negrut

2016-17: “Using the Complementarity and Penalty Methods for Solving Frictional Contact Problems in Chrono: Validation for the Standard Triaxial Test,” M. Kwarta, D. Negrut

2016-16: “Using the Complementarity and Penalty Methods for Solving Frictional Contact Problems in Chrono: Validation for the Cone Penetration Test,” M. Kwarta, D. Negrut

2016-15: “Basic Comparison of Chrono::Vehicle and ADAMS/Car,” M. Taylor, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2016-14: “An Overview of an SPH Technique to Maintain Second-Order Convergence for 2D and 3D Fluid Dynamics,” W. Hu, W. Pan, M. Rakhsha, D. Negrut

2016-13: “Virtual Sensing for Autonomous Vehicle Simulation in Chrono,” A. Elmquist, D. Negrut

2016-12: “Posing Multibody Dynamics with Friction and Contact as a Differential Algebraic Inclusion Problem,” D. Negrut, R. Serban

2016-11: “Chrono Support for ANCF Finite Elements: Formulation and Validation Aspects,” A. Recuero, D. Negrut

2016-10: “Chrono::Vehicle – Template-Based Ground Vehicle Modeling and Simulation,” R. Serban, M. Taylor, D. Negrut, A. Tasora

2016-09: “Overview of Chrono Build Process and Infrastructure,” C. Kelly, C. Vanden Heuvel

2016-08: “NG-NRMM Phase I Benchmarking: Chrono Tracked Vehicle Simulation Results Summary,” R. Serban, M. Taylor, D. Melanz, D. Negrut

2016-07: “Wheeled Vehicle Mobility Studies in Chrono: Nonlinear Finite Element Tires on Granular Terrain,” A. Recuero, R. Serban, B. Peterson, H. Sugiyama, D. Negrut

2016-06: “Networking Architecture for the Distributed Simulation of Manned and Autonomous Vehicles,” D. Hatch

2016-05: “An Introduction to the Floating Frame of Reference Formulation,” A. Recuero, D. Negrut

2016-04: “Cone penetration results for 3mm glass beads and 20-30 Ottawa sand,” K. Williams

2016-03: “Incompressible Implicit SPH,” M. Rakhsha, A. Pazouki, D. Negrut

2016-02: “Using an Anti-Relaxation Step to Improve the Accuracy of the Frictional Contact Solution in a Differential Variational Inequality Framework for the Rigid Body Dynamics Problem,” D. Melanz, H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2016-01: “Representing fluid dynamics as a many-body dynamics problem: a vehicle fording analysis test case,” H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2015-13: “Implementation and Validation of the Fiala Tire Model in Chrono,” M. Taylor

2015-12: “Analysis of a Splitting Approach for the Parallel Solution of Linear Systems on GPU Cards,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2015-10: “Investigation of Mesh to Point Cloud Conversion Approaches for Applications in SPH-based Fluid-Solid Interaction Simulations,” Felipe Gutierrez, Charles Ricchio, Milad Rakhsha, Arman Pazouki, Wei Hu, Dan Negrut

2015-09: “Boundary Condition Enforcing markers for SPH,” A. Pazouki, B. Song, D. Negrut

2015-08: “Study of SpMV performance using PETSc,” V. Megavannan, O. Deshmukh, N. Subramaniam, D. Negrut

2015-07: “A Study of Sparse-Matrix Vector Multiplication (SpMV) on Different Architectures and Libraries,” N. Subramaniam, O. Deshmukh, V. Megavannan, D. Negrut

2015-06: “DEM-PM Contact Model with Multi-Step Tangential Contact Displacement History,” J. Fleischmann

2015-05: “Validation of Basic Modeling Elements in Chrono,” M. Taylor and R. Serban

2015-04: “Investigation of Charm++ SPMV performance using CSR format,” D. Heller

2015-03: “A Geometric Take on the Implementation of Hilber-Hughes-Taylor Integration Formula in Multibody Dynamics,” D. Negrut, R. Serban

2015-02: “Comparison of SPMV performance on matrices in different matrix formats using CUSP, cuSPARSE and ViennaCL,” A. Li, H. Mazhar, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2015-01: “Comparison of OpenCL performance on different platforms using VexCL and Blaze,” H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2014-17: “An Overview of NVIDIA Tegra K1 Architecture,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-16: “Validation of a Single Contact Point Tire Model Based on the Transient Pacejka Model in the Open-Source Dynamics Software Chrono,” J. Madsen

2014-15: “Lugre Tire Model for HMMWV,” A. Mikkola

2014-14: “Validation of a Steady-State Magic Formula Tire in Chrono with a Commercial Software Implementation,” J. Madsen, A. Dirr

2014-13: “An Analysis of a Primal-Dual Interior Point Method for Computing Frictional Contact Forces in a Differential Inclusion-Based Approach for Multibody Dynamics,” L. Fang, D. Negrut

2014-12: “A Hybrid GPU-CPU Parallel Reordering Algorithm for Bandwidth Reduction of Large Sparse Matrices,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-11: “An Analysis of Several Methods for Handling Hard-Sphere Frictional Contact in Rigid Multibody Dynamics,” H. Mazhar, D. Melanz, M.C. Ferris, D. Negrut

2014-10: “Preliminary Results For Helical Anchoring Project,” H. Mazhar, J. Schneider, D. Negrut

2014-09: “Unified Memory in CUDA 6.0. A Brief Overview of Related Data Access and Transfer Issues,” D. Negrut, R. Serban, A. Li, A. Seidl

2014-08: “The Interplay Between NVIDIA’s Thrust GPU Computing Template Library and Unified Memory Support in CUDA 6.0,” A. Li, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-07: “A Comparison of the Performance of SaP::GPU and Intel’s Math Kernel Library for Solving Dense Banded Linear Systems,” A. Li, O. Deshmukh, R. Serban, D. Negrut

2014-06: “Chrono::Render A Graphical Visualization Pipeline for Multibody Dynamics Simulations,” D. Kaczmarek, A. Bartholomew, F. Gutierrez, H. Mazhar, D. Negrut

2014-05: “Computer Architecture for High Performance Computing, Looking Ahead: Implications of the Dennard Law,” A. Sinha, D. Negrut

2014-04:“A Basic Profiling and Performance Assessment Utility for C++ Codes” P. Sankaranarayanan

2014-03: “Characterization of Intel Xeon Phi for Linear Algebra Workloads” O. Deshmukh, D. Negrut

2014-02: “Performance Analysis of CULA on different NVIDIA GPU Architectures” P. Gupta

2014-01: “An implementation of a reordering approach for increasing the product of diagonal entries in a sparse matrix” A. Li, R. Serban and D. Negrut

2013-05: “SaP::GPU. A Splitting Approach for the Solution of Sparse Linear Systems on the GPU” A. Li, A. Seidl, R. Serban and D. Negrut

2013-04: “A High Performance Computing (HPC) approach to the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method” A. Pazouki and D. Negrut

2013-03: “Studying the Effect of Powder Geometry on the Selective Laser Sintering Process” H. Mazhar, J. Bollmann, E. Forti, A. Praeger, T. Osswald, and D. Negrut

2013-02: “Scaling Analysis of a Penalty Approach For Multibody Dynamics with Friction and Contact” L. Fang

2013-01: “An Investigation of the Extent to which Simulation Can Be Used to Predict the Dynamics of Granular Material” R. Shotwell

2012-04: “A GPU-based LU factorization of dense banded matrices” A. Li, A. Seidl, D. Negrut

2012-03: “Parallel Ray Tracing Simulations with MATLAB for Dynamic Lens Systems” N. Wengert, D. Negrut

2012-02: “A Comparison of Several Solvers for Bound Constraint Quadratic Programming within the Context of Frictionless Multibody Dynamics” T. Heyn, M. Anitescu, A. Tasora, D. Negrut

2012-01: “A Comparison of Chrono::Engine’s Primitive Joints with ADAMS Results” R. Shotwell

2011-04: “A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Approach to the Simulation of the Transport Flow of Cells” A. Pazouki, D. Buschke, P. Resto, B. Ogle, D. Negrut

2011-03: “Using a Granular Dynamics Code to Investigate the Performance of a Helical Anchoring System Design” H. Mazhar, M. Quadrelli, D. Negrut

2011-02: “Tire Modeling for Multibody Dynamics Applications” M. Schmid

2011-01: “SPIKE – A Hybrid Algorithm for Large Banded Systems” T. Heyn, D. Negrut

2010-02: “Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Acoustic Simulations” P. Hahn, D. Negrut

2010-01: “Methods of Tracked Vehicle System Modeling and Simulation” J. Madsen, T. Heyn, D. Negrut

2009-07: “A simulation setup in ABAQUS to study response of a tire under base excitation” K. Manoj

2009-06: “On the Validation of a DVI Approach for the Dynamics of Granular Material” D. Melanz, M. Tupy, B. Smith, K. Turner, D. Negrut

2009-05: “A Stochastic Approach to Integrated Vehicle Reliability Prediction” J. Madsen, D. Ghiocel, D. Gorsich, D. Lamb, D. Negrut

2009-04: “On the Construction and Use of Surrogate Models for the Dynamic Analysis of Multibody Systems” H. Ansari, M. Tupy, D. Makarand, D. Negrut

2009-03: “A Tutorial on Leveraging double-precision GPU Computing for MATLAB Applications” D. Makarand, D. Negrut

2009-02: “A Co-simulation Approach for the Time Analysis of a Biomechanically-Inspired System with Rigid and Deformable Bodies” A. Schmitz, A. Pazouki, D. Thelen, D. Negrut

2009-01: “Surrogate Models for the Dynamic Response of Constrained Multibody Systems” N. Khude, Y. Hwang, P. Qian, D. Negrut

2008-09: “Implicit Integration in Molecular Dynamics Project Summary” N. Schafer, D. Negrut

2008-08: “Efficient Sampling of Dynamical Systems with Spatial Uncertainty” K. Schmitt, M. Anitescu, D. Negrut

2008-07: “A Framework for Uncertainty Quantification in Nonlinear Multi-body System Dynamics” M. Datar, D. Negrut, D. Gorsich, D. Lamb

2008-06: “Real-time Vehicle Simulation for Video Games Using the Bullet Physics Library” H. Mazhar

2008-05: “Scalability of Rigid Body Frictional Contacts with Non-primitive Collision Geometry” J. Madsen, E. Kolajo

2008-04: “On Using Multiple CPU Threads to Manage Multiple GPUs Under CUDA” H. Mazhar

2008-03: “A Gaussian Process-Based Approach for Handling Uncertainty in Vehicle Dynamics Simulation” K. Schmitt, J. Madsen, M. Anitescu, D.Negrut

2008-02: “A Comparison of Low Order Numerical Integration Formulas for Rigid and Flexible Multibody Dynamics” N. Khude, L. O. Jay, D. Negrut

2008-01: “Experiments to Compare Implicit and Explicit Methods of Integration in Molecular Dynamics Simulation” N. Schafer, D. Negrut

2007-07: “A MATLAB implementation of the seven-body mechanism for implicit integration of the constrained equations of motion” N. Khude, D. Negrut

2007-06: “Penalty Versus Complementary-Based Frictional Contact of Rigid Spheres: a CPU Time Comparison” J. Madsen, N. Pechdimaljian, D. Negrut

2007-05: “Use of the Implicit HHT-I3 and the Explicit ADAMS Methods with the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation” B. Hussein, D. Negrut, A. Shabana

2007-04: “An Investigation on New Numerical Methods for Molecular Dynamics Simulation” N. Schafer

2007-03: “Virtual Prototyping of Ground Vehicles” M. Datar, D. Negrut

2007-02: “High Fidelity Modeling and Simulation of Tracked Elements for Off-Road Applications Using MSC/ADAMS”, J. Madsen

2007-01: “A Primer to Electronic Structure Computation” N. Schafer

2006-01: “A Discussion of Low Order Numerical Integration Formulas for Rigid and Flexible Multibody Dynamics” D. Negrut, N. Khude, T. Heyn

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