Chrono Integration with Cognitive Systems Lab Driving Simulator

SBEL has partnered with the Cognitive Systems Lab (CSL) and Professor Sue Ahn’s lab on an NSF-sponsored project to better understand traffic flows in the context of human takeover from autonomous vehicles.

For research on human driving behavior, CSL maintains several driving simulators that can replicate the driving experience from the safety and comfort of their lab. As part of the NSF project, SBEL has integrated the SynChrono simulation platform with one of CSL’s simulators in order to run joint tests in a world with both autonomous and human-driven vehicles.

While the ongoing pandemic put a halt to in-person testing, the simulator integration was still able to take place and will be a valuable tool going forwards.

Jay Taves sitting in the driver’s seat of CSL’s simulator
Aaron Young driving a SynChrono vehicle in the CSL Driving simulator

Contributors: Aaron Young, Asher Elmquist, Jay Taves and Dan Negrut