SynChrono Moves Off-Road

The SynChrono autonomous vehicle simulation platform has recently added support for SCM deformable terrain, allowing vehicles to operate in time coherent off-road environments.

The first video shown below is a proof of concept where a series of vehicles cross paths on deformable terrain. The deformations in the terrain are synchronized across all ranks so vehicles feel the ruts created by other vehicles as they cross them.

The second video shown below is the result of machine learning in PyChrono and GymChrono, applied to a convoy of vehicles on deformable terrain. Again, the terrain is space and time coherent across vehicle ranks so the vehicles have the challenge of driving in each other’s ruts as they avoid obstacles and maintain their convoy.

Contributors: Aaron Young, Asher Elmquist, Jay Taves, Simone Benatti, Alessandro Tasora, Dan Negrut and Radu Serban.