Synchrono: A Multi-Agent Simulation Framework for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Applications

SynChrono is a framework in which dynamic multi-agent simulations can be conducted to understand agent interplay and develop control algorithms in a safe and flexible environment. To create a virtual proving grounds for autonomous vehicles and robots, SynChrono enables multiple agents/vehicles to operate within the same virtual environment, and interact with each other through sensing and communication protocols. The vehicle or agent physics are conducted using Chrono::Vehicle and Chrono::Sensor, within a Chrono system specific to each agent. The agents then communicate via Message Passing Interface (MPI) to maintain a time and space-coherent world.

SynChrono has focused on vehicle applications but can support any non-contact dynamics that can be simulated in Chrono. While the potential applications of SynChrono are very broad, some first proof-of-concept simulations focused on urban environments (first video) and highway scenarios (second video).

Contributors: Asher Elmquist, Dylan Hatch, Aaron Young, Jay Taves, Shuo He, Yan Xiao, Yanzheng Li, Radu Serban and Dan Negrut