SBEL attends NATO CDT Event

Radu Serban and Dan Negrut attended the Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NG-NRMM) Cooperative Demonstration of Technology (CDT), held at the Keweenaw Research Center, Houghton, MI, Sept. 25 to 27.

The CDT was the end result of the work performed by NATO’s Applied Vehicle Technology Research Task Group AVT-248 over the last three years.  This group focused on defining and prototyping the NG-NRMM to improve mobility predictive capabilities for ground vehicles over a wide range of terrains.  The NG-NRMM demonstrated at the CDT is a prototype process of loosely integrated technologies and tools contributed by the committee members and various software developers.   The event at KRC included physical demonstrations of a military prototype vehicle performing select mobility tests and the corresponding software simulations of the same tests with NG-NRMM.

SBEL has been actively involved in the AVT-248 group from the very beginning, including using Chrono and Chrono::Vehicle for various benchmark tests leading to the CDT.

At the CDT, Radu Serban led a team of several people who presented the end-to-end NG-NRMM software demonstration.

Additional information about the NG-NRMM CDT can be found at, including a promotional video for this event.