Chrono::Render – A Purpose Rendering Capability of Large-Scale Simulation Data

As simulations grow in complexity the data extracted from the model grows in size. For engineers and scientists, it is difficult and tedious to gain meaningful insights for large data sets; hence visualization becomes critical to computer simulation since it provides a more natural means to extract the salient information of abstruse data. Additionally, visualization makes it easier to share and communicate the content of a simulation leading to wider interest and understanding of its results. Therefore, we have been developing a rendering pipeline called Chrono::Render which provides a simple means to efficiently create high quality renderings of arbitrary data. The pipeline uses the open source Blender modeling software as the front end via a plugin. The data is then passed to the Simulation Based Engineering Lab’s Euler server via a web interface to render with Pixar’s PhotoRealistic RenderMan (PRMan) or an open source alternative such as Aqsis or Pixie.

Contributors: Daniel Kaczmarek and Aaron Bartholomew