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Welcome to SBEL!

The Simulation-Based Engineering Lab (SBEL) investigates modeling approaches, produces numerical solution algorithms, and develops software solutions that enable fast computers to accurately predict how complex mechanical systems evolve in time. We are particularly interested in simulating robots and autonomous vehicles for autonomy stack design and testing, modeling deformable terrains, characterizing fluid-solid interaction problems, and predicting granular dynamics. We try to accelerate our simulations using GPU, multi-core, or multi-node parallel computing. Our software is helping engineers with the design of the VIPER rover for its 2023 lunar mission, the US Army with running off-road simulations for trafficability analysis, companies in Europe interested in harnessing energy from wind and the ocean, and hundreds of other users from all over the world who want to use a free and open source simulation platform to improve their engineering solutions. If you are a student with strong programming skills, we might have a job for you.

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Continuum Modeling of Granular Material Flows and their Interactions with Solid Bodies

This project outlines a continuous approach for treating discrete granular flows that hold across multiple scales: from experiments that focus on centimeter-sized control volumes to tests that involve landslides and tall buildings.

Chrono::Granular, Modeling and Simulation of Granular Dynamics using GPU Computing

Modeling granular system of large degree of freedom poses high computation cost. Chrono::Granular is designed to simulate granular material under the framework of Discrete Element Method (DEM) to produce realistic results.

Chrono Integration with Cognitive Systems Lab Driving Simulator

SBEL has partnered with the Cognitive Systems Lab (CSL) and Professor Sue Ahn’s lab on an NSF-sponsored project to better understand traffic flows in the context of human takeover from autonomous vehicles.

Prospective Undergraduate Volunteers

We are particularly interested in recruiting one student with solid experience in 3D modeling (as in Blender or Maya) and/or 3D environment/game design (as in Unity3D or UnrealEngine). Also, please reach out if you have a strong C or C++ programming background and are interested in robotics and/or physics-based simulation.