Theses of Lab Members

Luning Fang, Ph.D. Thesis, July 2022: “Multibody Dynamics Numerical Methods and Modeling Approaches for Handling Frictional Contact

Nic Olsen, M.S. Thesis, April 2020: “Applying High Performance Computing to Discrete Computational Granular Dynamics”

Milad Rakhsha, Ph.D. Thesis, December 2019: “Computational Dynamics of Continuum and Discrete Systems Using Lagrangian Methods

Asher Elmquist, M.S. Thesis, May 2019: “Synthetic Generation of Sensor Data in a Virtual Environment for Simulating Autonomous Behavior”

Lijing Yang, M.S. Thesis, May 2019: “Numerical Modeling of Surface Tension with Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics”

Michal Kwarta, M.S. Thesis, May 2017: “On the Friction and Contact Modeling Methods Used in Simulations of Geomechanical Tests”

Hammad Mazhar, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2016: “Multi-Physics Computational Dynamics Using Complementarity and Hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian Methods”

Dan Melanz, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2016: “Physics-based contact using the complementarity approach for discrete element applications in vehicle mobility and terramechanics”

Ang Li, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2016: “A Splitting Approach for the Parallel Solution of Linear Systems On Gpu Cards”

Omkar Deshmukh, M.S. Thesis, May 2015: “Assessing the Performance of Computational Engineering Codes”

Luning Fang, M.S. Thesis, May 2015: “A Primal-Dual Interior Point Method for Solving Multibody Dynamics Problems with Frictional Contact”

Naresh Khude, Ph.D. Thesis, November 2014: “Efficient Simulation of Flexible Body Systems with Frictional Contact/Impact”

Justin Madsen, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2014: “Mobility Prediction of Multi-Body Vehicle Dynamics Handling Simulations on Deformable Terrain”

Arman Pazouki, Ph.D. Thesis, April 2014: “A Lagrangian-Lagrangian Framework for the Simulation of Fluid-Solid Interaction Problems with Rigid and Flexible Components”

Toby Heyn, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2013: “On the Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization of Many-Body Dynamics Problems with Friction and Contact”

Hammad Mazhar, M.S. Thesis, May 2012: “Parallel Multi-Body Dynamics On Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Cards”

Daniel Melanz, M.S. Thesis, May 2012: “On the Validation and Applications of a Parallel Flexible Multi-body Dynamics Implementation”

Andrew Seidl, M.S. Thesis, May 2012: “Parallel Implementation of a Vehicle-Tire-Terrain Interaction Model”

Martin Tupy, M.S. Thesis, August 2010: “A Study on the Dynamics of Granular Material with a Comparison of DVI and DEM Approaches”

Philipp Hahn, M.S. Thesis, November 2009: “On the Use of Meshless Methods in Acoustic Simulations”

Justin Madsen, M.S. Thesis, November 2009: “A Stochastic Framework for Ground Vehicle Simulation”

Toby Heyn, M.S. Thesis, November 2009: “Simulation of Tracked Vehicles on Granular Terrain Leveraging GPU Computing”

M. Datar, M.S., Fall 2008: “Uncertainty Quantification in Ground Vehicle Dynamics through High Fidelity Co-simulation”

D. Negrut, PhD., July 1998: “On the Implicit Integration of Differential-Algebraic Equations of Multibody Dynamics”

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