Flex Tire (1)

Simulation of how a tire flexes.

Wave Propagation in Granular Media (121)

Wave propagation in structured granular media.

Synchrono Intersection with DSRC Enabled (top view) (132)

This is a top view of a simulation of 31 connected autonomous vehicles within Synchrono.

Aeroelastic Wind Turbine Adams-Simulink Co-Simulation (14)

Simulation of full-field wind turbine.

Tibiofemoral Joint Simulation (126)

Simulation of the contact between femoral and tibial articular cartilages during the gait motion.

Humvee (6)

Two views of a simulation of a humvee moving and bouncing.

Humvee Simulated on Wide Turns (9)

Simulation of a Humvee vehicle taking a wide turn.

Excavator (18)

Simulation of a digger moving liquid.

Dam Break Simulation (139)

This simulation shows the evolution of the free-surface of water after breaking a dam.

Flow Around Cylinder with Variable Resolution ISPH (136)

Simulation of flow of particles around a cylinder with variable resolution.

Traffic Jam Simulation (119)

Using Chrono::Vehicle and Gazebo to simulate 22 vehicles on a circular path creating a traffic jam that propagates backwards around the circle.

Traffic Jam Simulation – Side View (120)

Traffic jam propagation simulated using Chrono::Vehicle and Gazebo and shows the vehicle’s dynamics as they approach the vehicle in front.

Fluid-Solid Interaction (138)

A rigid cylinder drops into tank of water.

Multibody Tank Simulation (32)

Simulation of a tank going over an object.

Synchrono Intersection with DSRC Enabled (side view) (131)

This is a side view of a simulation of 31 connected autonomous vehicles within Synchrono.

Million Body Wave Tank (103)

Simulation of 1 million rigid spheres using a position based dynamics approach.

Flow Over Backward Facing Step (135)

This simulation shows the evolution of velocity field when a fluid flows over backward facing step.

Single Track 3D (3)

Simulation of a single tracked machine traveling on flat ground.

m113_fording_static (128)

Simulation of M113 Fording going through static constraints.

Balls Dropping (57)

A simulation of balls dropping into a container.

Autonomous Vehicle Path-Following (123)

An autonomous vehicle using a camera and LIDAR to follow an obstacle course.

Geometric Adhesion – Vertical Vibration (108)

Geometric adhesion simulated via Complementarity Approach in Mutibody Dynamics.

HMMWV Full Vehicle Model (11)

Simulation of full HMMWV vehicle focussing on chassis, suspension, steering, brakes, engine, anti-roll bar, wheel and tire.

Chrono Humvee Model with ANCF Tires Traveling on Granular, Cohesive Soil (122)

Tires are modeled with 8640 layered, orthotropic nonlinear shell elements. Terrain is composed of over 600k spherical rigid bodies.

Fin Simulation (137)

Fluid-solid interaction for a rigid and a flexible fin.

Fluid-Rigid Body Interaction (134)

A cylinder is dropped into a tank of water.

Tracked Vehicle Accelerating on Soft Soil (12)

Effects of stochastic modeling of soft soil on acceleration, steady-state velocity of a tracked vehicle.

Autonomous Convoy (124)

3 vehicles follow a predetermined path using LIDAR for collision avoidance.

P&H 4100 Adams-Simulink Co-Simulation (13)

Electric shovel dynamics in Adams, motor controls in Simulink, simulating a dig cycle maneuver.

Tire (2)

Simulation of the pressure put on a set of tires when going over an object.

Falling Body, Bucky (31)

Simulation of “W”s falling into the formation of Bucky Badger.

M113 (43)

Simulation of a M113 cruising around the farm.

Falling Bodies “W” – 5000 Objects (28)

Simulation of 5000 objects falling to form a Wisconsin “W.”

ANCF nonlinear FEA Tire Operating on Granular Terrain (127)

Simulation of a tire traveling on granular terrain.

m113_fording_dynamic (129)

154 rigid bodies connected together through 761 bilateral kinematic constraints with collisions being modeled using different convex shapes.

Chrono::Vehicle HMMWV with Nonlinear FEA Tires  on a Deformable, Granular Terrain (125)

HMMWV with nonlinear FEA tires negotiating an obstacle on deformable, granular terrain.

HMMWV Simulated on Rough Terrain at High Speed (10)

Simulation of a Humvee vehicle on rough terrain going at high speeds.

Humvee Suspension Response (7)

Simulation and chart of how a Humvee’s suspension responds to bouncing.

Humvee Simulated on Rolling Hills (8)

Simulation of a Humvee vehicle on rolling hills.

Cave_SBEL – Autonomous Convoy (130)

Autonomous vehicles following avatar vehicle around virtual Madison. Simulation is distributed with each vehicle connecting to a server separately. LiDAR, GPS, and IMU are overlaid on animation.