Journal Papers


Modeling granular material dynamics and its two-way coupling with moving solid bodies using a continuum representation and the SPH method

W Hu, M Rakhsha, L Yang, K Kamrin, D Negrut
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 385, 114022

The role of physics-based simulators in robotics

CK Liu, D Negrut
Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems 4, 35-58

A Sensor Simulation Framework for Training and Testing Robots and Autonomous Vehicles

A Elmquist, R Serban, D Negrut
Journal of Autonomous Vehicles and Systems 1 (2), 021001

On the use of multibody dynamics techniques to simulate fluid dynamics and fluid–solid interaction problems

M Rakhsha, L Yang, W Hu, D Negrut
Multibody System Dynamics, 1-29

On the use of simulation in robotics: Opportunities, challenges, and suggestions for moving forward

HeeSun Choi, Cindy Crump, Christian Duriez, Asher Elmquist, Gregory Hager, David Han, Frank Hearl, Jessica Hodgins, Abhinandan Jain, Frederick Leve, Chen Li, Franziska Meier, Dan Negrut, Ludovic Righetti, Alberto Rodriguez, Jie Tan, Jeff Trinkle
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (1)

Producing 3D friction loads by tracking the motion of the contact point on bodies in mutual contact

L Fang, D Negrut
Computational Particle Mechanics, 1-25


Implementation of MPC-Based Path Tracking for Autonomous Vehicles Considering Three Vehicle Dynamics Models with Different Fidelities

S Chen, H Chen, D Negrut
Automotive Innovation 3 (4), 386-399

MPC-based path tracking with PID speed control for high-speed autonomous vehicles considering time-optimal travel

S Chen, G Xiong, H Chen, D Negrut
Journal of Central South University 27 (12), 3702-3720

Billion degree of freedom granular dynamics simulation on commodity hardware via heterogeneous data-type representation

C Kelly, N Olsen, D Negrut
Multibody System Dynamics 50, 355-379

Implementation of MPC-Based Trajectory Tracking Considering Different Fidelity Vehicle Models

S Chen, H Chen, D Negrut

Multibody Dynamics Versus Fluid Dynamics: Two Perspectives on the Dynamics of Granular Flows

M Rakhsha, C Kelly, N Olsen, R Serban, D Negrut
Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics 15 (9), 091009

Methods and models for simulating autonomous vehicle sensors

A Elmquist, D Negrut
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles 5 (4), 684-692


Simulation of surface strain in tibiofemoral cartilage during walking for the prediction of collagen fibre orientation

Milad Rakhsha, Colin R Smith, Antonio M Recuero, Scott CE Brandon, Michael F Vignos, Darryl G Thelen, Dan Negrut
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization

A consistent spatially adaptive smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for fluid–structure interactions

W Hu, G Guo, X Hu, D Negrut, Z Xu, W Pan
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 347, 402-424

Using a half-implicit integration scheme for the SPH-based solution of fluid–solid interaction problems

M Rakhsha, A Pazouki, R Serban, D Negrut
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 345, 100-122

Dynamics of scattering in undulatory active collisions

Jennifer M Rieser, Perrin E Schiebel, Arman Pazouki, Feifei Qian, Zachary Goddard, Kurt Wiesenfeld, Andrew Zangwill, Dan Negrut, Daniel I Goldman
Physical Review E 99 (2), 022606

Deformable soil with adaptive level of detail for tracked and wheeled vehicles

A Tasora, D Mangoni, D Negrut, R Serban, P Jayakumar
International Journal of Vehicle Performance 5 (1), 60-76

An integrated framework for high-performance, high-fidelity simulation of ground vehicle-tyre-terrain interaction

R Serban, D Negrut, A Recuero, P Jayakumar
International journal of vehicle performance 5 (3), 233-259

Chrono:: Vehicle: template-based ground vehicle modelling and simulation

R Serban, M Taylor, D Negrut, A Tasora
International Journal of Vehicle Performance 5 (1), 18-39