Synchrono: A Multi-Agent Simulation Framework for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Applications

Synchrono is a framework in which dynamic multi-agent simulations can be conducted to understand agent interplay and develop control algorithms in a safe and flexible environment. To create a virtual proving grounds for autonomous vehicles and robots, Synchrono enables multiple agents/vehicles to operate within the same virtual environment, and interact with each other through sensing and communication protocols. The vehicle and agent physics are conducted using Chrono and the additional Chrono modules. Continued development focuses on agent communication, sensor feedback, and enrichment of the virtual environment. Agent communication centers on both allowing agents to participate from geographically distributed locations, and allowing for agents to communicate using protocols such as DSRC or 5G. The goal of sensor modeling and simulation is to provide the control algorithms with physically realistic data obtained within the virtual world. To allow for this and more realistic physics, work is being done to use physical data to generate the virtual environment.

Contributors: Asher Elmquist, Dylan Hatch, Radu Serban and Dan Negrut