SBEL uses Euler, a multi-core supercomputer cluster built by the Wisconsin Applied Computing Center. Multi-core processing is vital to parallel computing, which involves carrrying out many different calculations at the same time. Parallel computing allows researchers to break complex problems into many simple components. SBEL uses this approach to model and simulate complex mechanical systems.

Euler: Heterogenous CPU/GPU Cluster


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About Chrono

Chrono is an open-source, C/C++ physics-based dynamics engine that models complex mechanical systems, like cars, trucks, tracked vehicles, or the flow of granular material. Chrono relies on parallel computing, specifically multi-core and GPU parallelism, to simulate rigid bodies interacting through friction and contact. Learn more about Project Chrono here.

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SBEL is led by Mead Witter Foundation Professor Dan Negrut in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UW-Madison.

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