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The definition of "consistent"




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The definition of "consistent"

I have a question about the definition of "consistent", I've seen 3 places where it appears (there are more for sure), which I cannot see if they have same meanings:
1. Assignment4 problem5, "to prove the value of pi_dot is consistent", I could understand the explanation after that though.
2. Slide 7 of lecture1005, "for a set of virtual displacements to be consistent some constraint equations should hold".
3. In the answer from Dan to Milad's question "How Constraints are satisfied", the GCON in some configuration q may or may not be consistent.

Dan Negrut

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Re: The definition of "consistent"

In general, "consistent q" (whatever q represents) means that if you take the value of q and plug into an equation \Phi(q)=0, you indeed get the value of \Phi evaluated for q to be zero.
For instance, if \Phi(q) = q*q-4, then q=2 is a consistent value. Unlike q=3, for which \Phi(3)=5; i.e., not zero.
I hope this helps.

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