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2d Visualizer


EXE: SimViz2D.exe [Windows]

Please look at the included adm, acf and .res files for formatting.

In the box that says "Enter Sim Name Here" enter the simulation name ex: pendulum, twoBody, slidercrank and so on. it will then read the corresponding .acf, .adm and .res files that start with that name.

1] You need to add the geometry line in the adm file (look at the included adm).
2] Bodies should come first in the adm
3] Make sure that there are two lines of stuff (can be anything) before the data in the .res file
4] The .res file should have columns in the following order, if the order is wrong stuff will look weird:

time X0 Y0 Phi0 Xdot0 Ydot0 Phidot0 Xddot0 Yddot0 Phiddot0 X1 Y1 Phi1 Xdot1 Ydot1 Phidot1 Xddot1 Yddot1 Phiddot1

Post problems/questions below....

Updates to Exe:
Fixed opposite y axis issue
Fixed EOF issue for adm file
Fixed mouse y axis issue
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