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Re: Take-Home Exam 1 Related

ME451Vaidyanathan wrote:In part 2 of the exam - you say:
"Write additional MATLAB code that augments simEngine2D so that it is capable of carrying out Position Analysis of an arbitrary 2D mechanism"

By "arbitrary" do you mean to say that we should support all types of constraints (9 in total - Absolute/Relative X,Y,Angle,Distance Constraints + Translational Joint)  or support for multiple bodies or both?

Right now my code supports multiple bodies + Reading / formulation for 3 constraints (Absolute X/Y/Angle) + Support for reading in other types of constraints from .ADM file (with no support for formulation of equations for these 6 constraints alone)  - Is this good enough?

Here's what's enough for now: you should be able to handle the constraints needed to do your HW and take-home exam.  You will have to support more constraints since you will get an assignment on Tu that will ask you to implement them.  At the end of the semester i hope you'll have support for all of them.  Again - implement the support only if you have to.  If you can get by with what you have, you're good.