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Re: Visualization Related

Actually, currently I have changed my mind. The Guide is ok. My problem was figuring out the hierarchy of the programs. This is what I found:
There are two main software among the bunch of softwares we installed:

1) Blender (this is the center of mesh generation). Imports  .obj or .stl (or whatever) model file, and exports it as a .mesh file based on a given mesh (that comes from “OgreCommandLineTools”) . So it has nothing to do with animation. It just makes meshes from the objects of interest and makes it suitable for using in SimulationEnvironment:

2) SimulationEnvironment (This is the Head of animation making), gets data.zip, model.zip, .mesh, .material, config, etc and builds the animation.

Since SimulationEnvironment is the center of animation making, in the guide wherever the path is not mentioned, you can assume that it denotes to the folder of SimulationEnvironment.


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Re: Visualization Related

@ ME751Anne

You generated movie with openSim right? What would be your code name if I wanted to see the animation?


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Re: Visualization Related

Sure, it's JohnWatson.

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