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variable-sized array inside of a structure




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variable-sized array inside of a structure


Is something like this possible in C? I want to read an input file then allocate these arrays inside a structure. For each input file the number of surfaces, volumes, etc... will change.

struct geometry {
  int n_surfs;
  int n_vols;
  float surface_properties[n_surfs][10];
  float materials[n_mats][6];
  float cross_sections[n_isotopes][5];
  int surface_by_volume[n_vols][n_surfs];
  int material_by_volume[n_vols];

I only want to use an much shared memory as I need.


Dan Negrut

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Re: variable-sized array inside of a structure

Brandon - per our discussion, i hope that the constant memory idea worked.

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