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How to get Visual studio 2005 for free from microsoft if you are a student at UW

Microsoft has a dreamspark program that gives a bunch of software to students for free.
This is a guide on how to get visual studio 2005 professional. The same process can be applied to the other software they offer.

CUDA is not yet supported with visual studio 2008, use 2005

In order to get this you must also have a windows live id,(msn messenger or hotmail accounts also work). If not, still follow along.

Go to https://downloads.channel8.msdn.com/
Click on "View All Products"
Click on "Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition"
Click on "Sign in"
If you have an account proceed with signing in, if not click sign up and create an account.
After signing click on the US in the map
Click on United States in the drop down on the right side
Select "University of Wisconsin-Madison"
Click "Select and Continue"
Sign in with your UW Madison netID (the username and password you use with Wiscmail and My UW)
You should see a green box if successful
click continue
you should now be at the Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition  download page
read the license agreement if you want to and check "i have read"
At the bottom of the page download both disks with the web browser download

These two disk images are 600 mb each
once you have the two .iso files either burn them to two cd's or mount them in virtual drives using a program like daemon tools.
The cd key for visual studio 2005 gets entered automatically during installation.
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