Unread post Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:35 pm

No More Interactive Jobs

Please remember that due to the limited resources available on the cluster, interactive jobs are discouraged.

With the singular exception of running GPU programs, the head node is perfectly capable of peforming any task you might need to accomplish. If you do your development on the cluster, simply connect to a head node, develop, compile, and submit a batch script to run your GPU job. This ensures that everyone who needs to access the GPUs can do so.

Due to the rampant abuse of the interactive job capability, jobs that are run in this fashion may be cancelled on sight. This may cause you to lose your work, and none of us want that. Users who continue to abuse this facility may have their cluster access restricted in order to ensure that adequate time is available for other users.

If you must interactively connect to your job (because you are required to provide user input, for example) please contact the sysadmin for an exception.