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adams issue illegal geometry

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adams issue illegal geometry


I am having this peculiar issue in adams. I have created a 3D model for a road surface that is about 30 meters long and i am trying to get my model car run on it. (The road surface 3D model is much bigger than the car) It runs fine but only when i do it in one sitting. In other words, after i save all my work and reopen my file the next time, the road surface is invisible and when asked to simulate, adams displays the message-e.g., PART
_30 is an illegal geometry-
Any ideas on how to fix this. I am having to remodel the road surface everytime and it is very time consuming

Thank you!



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Re: adams issue illegal geometry


How are you creating the geometry for the road? Are you importing a CAD file? If so, what file type? And what options are you selecting when you import the file?

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