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Final Project

All I expect you to submit for the Final Project is a PDF of a typeset document (Word, Latex, etc.):
  • keep the document to 2-4 pages long
  • organize it in a meaningful way (for example: a short introduction describing the problem and what you tried to achieve; the main body where you provide more details on the problem to be solved and how you went about it; a section on the results that you obtained; finally, one or two paragraphs with some conclusions on what you accomplished)
  • include any equations, images, tables that are needed
Upload your document to Learn@UW (I created a dedicated dropbox folder for this, named 'Final Project'). As with all previous submissions, I set up this folder to accept only one file per submission. If you need to include additional supporting files (such as animations, code, etc.) place all of them, including the PDF with the final report, into a folder, zip it, and upload the zip file.

Note that I pushed the deadline by 2 days: the final projects are due on Friday, December 13; the dropbox folder will close at 11:59pm on that day.