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Newmark integration sample

In case you are still working on the dynamics solver for your simEngine2D, I attached a matlab file as an example of the calculations that need to be performed at each time step to carry out the Newmark implicit integration. This is really nothing but a matlab translation of the flow chart given on slide 24 of lecture 24 (from November 1).

Recall also that there are some additional calculations that need to be performed at the initial time t0=0 related to calculating the initial generalized accelerations and Lagrange multipliers.

Note that this is just sample code for illustration purposes only. It will not work as is, is not optimized in any way, and would have to be adapted to your particular data structures and code organization. Only use this as a starting point...


P.S. Because the forum software did not allow attaching files with extension 'm', I changed it to 'txt'.
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