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Reading Assignments

Primer - Elements of Processor Architecture. The Hardware-Software Interplay. pdf

Manferdelli paper, 2007.

Amdahl paper, 1967.

Blelloch paper on prefix scan, 1990.

Knuth paper on premature optimization, 1974.

Dongarra, Sterling, Simon & Strohmaier paper, 2005.

Nickolls & Dally paper, 2010.

Glaskowsky, whitepaper on Fermi architecture.

Volkov & Demmel paper, 2008.

Intel’s paper on debunking GPU performance, 2010.

Vuduc et al. paper on GPU-CPU performance comparison, 2010.

Bell & Garland, 2009. Conference paper, or longer technical report.

Thrust - GPU Gems - PDF.

Better Performance at Lower Occupancy - Vasily Volkov.


Assignment 11 - Due: 12/09 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 10 - Due: 11/25 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 09 - Due: 11/18 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 08 - Due: 11/12 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 07 - Due: 11/04 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 06 - Due: 10/29 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 05 - Due: 10/21 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 04 - Due: 10/07 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 03 - Due: 10/02 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 02 - Due: 09/16 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 01 - Due: 09/09 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Lectures [PDF , Audio]

Video lectures: here.

11-18-2015: Parallel Computing w/ Charm++ (download).

11-16-2015: Parallel Computing: ways and means. Other options: TBB, c++11, cilk, Chapel (download).

11-13-2015: Parallel Computing via MPI. Non-blocking Point-to-Point. Collective communication (download).

11-11-2015: Parallel Computing via MPI (download).

11-09-2015: Final Project Related Issues. Variable Sharing in OpenMP. OpenMP synchronization issues. OpenMP performance issues (download).

11-06-2015: Final Project Related Issues. Variable Sharing in OpenMP. OpenMP synchronization issues. OpenMP performance issues (download).

11-04-2015: Variable Sharing in OpenMP. OpenMP synchronization issues. OpenMP performance issues (download).

11-02-2015: Work Sharing in OpenMP (download).

10-30-2015: Multi-core Parallel Computing Using OpenMP (download).

10-28-2015: Concurrency through CUDA Streams. CUDA Unified Memory (download).

10-26-2015: Case Study: CUDA Reduction. Concurrency through CUDA Streams (download).

10-23-2015: CUDA Prefix Scan. Shared Memory Issues. CUDA Reduction (download).

10-21-2015: CUDA profiling and optimization issues. Case study: parallel prefix scan w/ CUDA (download).

10-19-2015: CUDA profiling and optimization issues (download).

10-16-2015: Atomic operations in CUDA. The thrust library (download).

10-07-2015: The NVIDIA GPU Memory Ecosystem. Atomic operations in CUDA. The thrust library (download).

10-05-2015: The NVIDIA GPU Memory Ecosystem (download).

10-02-2015: Scheduling in CUDA (download).

09-30-2015: Parallel Computing on the GPU. Execution Configuration. Elements of CUDA API (download).

09-28-2015: Parallel Computing on the GPU. GPU Computing with CUDA. Execution Configuration. Elements of CUDA API (download).

09-25-2015: Big Iron HPC. Amdahl’s Law. Parallel Computing on the GPU (download).

09-18-2015: Shift to Parallel Computing. Big Iron HPC. Amdahl’s Law (download).

09-16-2015: Virtual Memory: the TLB. Shift to Parallel Computing (download).

09-14-2015: The Cache. Virtual Memory. Shift to Parallel Computing (download).

09-11-2015: Pipelining Hazards. Timing Program Execution. The Cache (download).

09-09-2015: CMake. Registers. Pipelining in Sequential Computing (download).

09-04-2015: From code to machine instructions. ISA. CISC vs. RISC. Transistors and logic implementation (download).

09-02-2015: Course overview. Discussion of ME964 Syllabus (download). Audio (download).

Other Resources

Tutorial, C Programming Language

Tutorial, C++ Programming Language

Job Scheduling on Euler.

Overview slides, Build Management with CMake.

GPU Gems 3

GPU Gems 2

GPU Gems

CUDA Online Documentation

CUDA Programming Guide

CUDA Forum on NVIDIA website

Fermi Architecture Overview, 2010.

cuda-gdb Debugger. User Manual.

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