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Feedback: Midsemester pdf.

Default Midterm Projects. Banded linear system pdf. CFD with SPH pdf.

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Reading Assignments

Primer - Elements of Processor Architecture. The Hardware-Software Interplay. pdf

Manferdelli paper, 2007.

Amdahl paper, 1967.

Knuth paper on premature optimization, 1974.

Dongarra, Sterling, Simon & Strohmaier paper, 2005.

Nickolls & Dally paper, 2010.

Glaskowsky, whitepaper on Fermi architecture.

Volkov & Demmel paper, 2008.

Intel’s paper on debunking GPU performance, 2010.

Vuduc et al. paper on GPU-CPU performance comparison, 2010.

Bell & Garland, 2009. Conference paper, or longer technical report.

Thrust - GPU Gems - PDF.

Better Performance at Lower Occupancy - Vasily Volkov.


Summary of HW extension requests html.

Assignment 11 - Due: 12/04 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 10 - Due: 11/25 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 09 - Due: 11/18 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 08 - Due: 11/04 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 07 - Due: 10/28 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 06 - Due: 10/21 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 05 - Due: 10/14 (11:59 PM cutoff) zip.

Assignment 04 - Due: 10/07 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf. Source files: 1 2 3 4

Assignment 03 - Due: 09/30 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Assignment 02 - Due: 09/23 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf. Prefix Scan 1990 paper of Blelloch

Assignment 01 - Due: 09/16 (11:59 PM cutoff) pdf.

Lectures [PDF , Audio]

11-06-2013: Wrap-up, Collective Activities in MPI. Closing Remarks: CUDA, OpenMP, MPI. Lecture Audio.

11-04-2013: Non-blocking Send/Recieve Operations. Collective Activities in MPI. Lecture Audio.

11-01-2013: Building and Running MPI code on Euler. Blocking Send/Recieve Operations. Lecture Audio.

10-30-2013: Parallel Computing using the Message Passing Interface approach. Introduction. Lecture Audio.

10-28-2013: OpenMP API. OpenMP Loose Ends. Examples. Lecture Audio.

10-25-2013: Sections and Tasks in OpenMP. Data scoping. OpenMP Synchronization. Lecture Audio.

10-23-2013: Parallel computing with OpenMP, intro. Lecture Audio.

10-21-2013: Wrap-up, GPU computing with Thrust. The CUDA ecosystem. GPU Computing wrap-up. Lecture Audio.

10-18-2013: CUDA Streams, wrap-up. GPU computing with Thrust. Lecture Audio.

10-16-2013: Prefix Scan, Wrap Up. CUDA Streams. Lecture Audio.

10-14-2013: CUDA Execution Configuration and Instruction Optimization Heuristics. Parallel Prefix Scan in CUDA. Lecture Audio.

10-11-2013: Tiling in CUDA. Array Reduction. Lecture Audio.

10-09-2013: Atomic Operations. Profiling CUDA Code Lecture Audio. Debugging CUDA pdf.

10-07-2013: CUDA Shared Memory. Synchronization. Atomic operations. Lecture Audio.

10-04-2013: Thread Divergence. Memory Accessing Issues. Lecture Audio.

10-02-2013: Example, ShMem Use. CUDA Scheduling Issues. Lecture Audio.

09-30-2013: The CUDA Memory Space. Lecture Audio.

09-27-2013: The CUDA API. Lecture Audio.

09-25-2013: CUDA Execution Configuration. Thread Indexing. Lecture Audio.

09-23-2013: GPU Computing Intro. The CUDA Programming Model. Lecture Audio.

09-20-2013: Big Iron HPC. Lecture Audio.

09-18-2013: Parallel Computing: Why?, and Why now? Lecture Audio.

09-16-2013: Caches. Virtual Memory. Lecture Audio.

09-13-2013: Pipelining. Measuring Computer Performance. Memory Aspects. Lecture Audio.

09-11-2013: Elements of Processor Architecture. Lecture Audio.

09-09-2013: End, Quick Overview of C Programming. Logging into Euler. Debugging with gdb. Lecture Audio.

09-06-2013: Quick Overview of C Programming. Lecture Audio.

09-04-2013: ME964 Syllabus. Course overview. Lecture Audio.

Other Resources

Tutorial, C Programming Language

Tutorial, C++ Programming Language

Job Scheduling on Euler.

Overview slides, Build Management with CMake.

GPU Gems 3

GPU Gems 2

GPU Gems

CUDA Online Documentation

CUDA Programming Guide

CUDA Forum on NVIDIA website

Fermi Architecture Overview, 2010.

cuda-gdb Debugger. User Manual.

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