### Documents — Syllabus

Manferdelli paper, 2007,

Amdhal paper, 1967.

Dongarra, Sterling, Simon & Strohmaier paper, 2005.

Nickolls & Dally paper, 2010.

Volkov & Demmel paper, 2008.

Intel’s paper on debunking GPU performance, 2010.

Vuduc et al. paper on GPU-CPU performance comparison, 2010.

Bell & Garland, 2009. Conference paper, or longer technical report.

### Midterm Project — Topic 1: Discrete Element Method on the GPU.resources

Topic 2: Collision Detection on the GPU.resources

Topic 3: Finite Element Analysis on the GPU. See area coordinator for details (Professor Suresh or Naresh Khude)

Topic 4: Sparse Direct Solution, Schur Complement Matrix. resources

Sample report for Midterm Project. resources

### Assignments — HW 8 - Due: 04/14 pdf. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

HW 7 - Due: 04/07 pdf. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

HW 6 - Due: 03/22 zip. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

HW 5 - Due: 03/01 zip. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

HW 4 - Due: 02/22 zip. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

HW 3 - Due: 02/17 zip. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

HW 2 - Due: 02/10 doc. Installing the CUDA Toolkit and SDK on Windows 7 doc. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

HW 1 - Due: 02/01 doc. Prefix Scan 1990 paper of Blelloch doc. Assigned reading: see Syllabus.

### Resources — Video recording of lectures

ME964 Forum

CUDA 3.2 Programming Guide

CUDA Forum on NVIDIA website

CUDA C Best Practices Guide

Fermi Architecture Overview, 2010.


Tutorial, C Programming Language

C Programming Language

Tutorial, C++ Programming Language

GPU Gems 3

GPU Gems 2

GPU Gems

OpenMP 3.0 Application Programming Interface

### Lectures [PPTX , PDF , VIDEO] — **The set of all 2011 ME964 slides, PDF doc ** pdf.

05-05-2011 - Guest Lecture: Rob Farber. Supercomputing for the masses ppt pdf video.

05-03-2011 - Guest Lecture: Narfi Stefansson. Parallel computing in MATLAB: PCT and GPU computing support pdf video.

04-28-2011 - Guest Lecture: Virginia Ross. HPC at US Air Force Research Lab. An overview of cloud computing ppt pdf.

04-26-2011 - Guest Lecture: Brian Davis. Using CMAKE for build management. Debugging CUDA code ppt pdf video.

04-21-2011 - Guest Lecture: Matt Knepley. PETSc: A Platform for Scientific Computing pdf video.

04-19-2011 - Midterm Exam.

04-14-2011 - Overview of ME964 Final Projects pptx pdf.

04-12-2011 - No class. Dan out of town. Make up class: May 3.

04-07-2011 - Parallel programming patterns. One slide summary of ME964.pptx pdf video.

04-05-2011 - Parallel computing using OpenMP. Variable Scoping and Synchronization in OpenMP.pptx pdf video.

03-31-2011 - Parallel computing using OpenMP. For, Sections, and Task work sharing in OpenMP.pptx pdf video.

03-29-2011 - Running MPI on Newton. MPI Point-to-Point and Collective Communcation.pptx pdf video.

03-24-2011 - Parallel programming using MPI. Running MPI on Newton. pptx pdf video.

03-22-2011 - CUDA Optimization Tips. Administrivia. pptx pdf video.

03-17-2011 - Spring Break.

03-15-2011 - Spring Break.

03-10-2011 - Handling Streams in CUDA. Quick Overview of CUDA 4.0 pptx pdf video.

03-08-2011 - CUDA Programming Rules of Thumb. Parallel Prefix Scan on the GPU pptx pdf video.

03-03-2011 - Control Flow in CUDA. Optimization Issues pptx pdf video.

03-01-2011 - Midterm Project related, options 3 and 4: FEA on the GPU and GPU Sparse Direct Solver pptx pdf mp3.

02-24-2011 - Midterm Project related, options 1 and 2: Discrete Element Method and Collision Detection pptx pdf video.

02-22-2011 - Examples, global memory access. Discussion, shared memory access in CUDA pptx pdf video.

02-17-2011 - Warp execution scheduling. Global memory access issues pptx pdf video.

02-15-2011 - The CUDA memory hierarchy. Warp execution scheduling pptx pdf video.

02-10-2011 - The CUDA API wrap-up. The CUDA memory hierarchy. pptx pdf video.

02-08-2011 - The CUDA API pptx pdf video.

02-03-2011 - GPU Cluster Access. CUDA Programming Model. Intro CUDA API pptx pdf video.

02-01-2011 - HPC vs. HTC. CUDA Programming model. Compiling CUDA apps under Visual Studio 2008 pptx pdf video.

01-27-2011 - Overview of Computer Architecture Issues relevant to HPC pptx pdf video.

01-25-2011 - Wrap up, C Programming Review. Three walls for sequential computing. pptx pdf video.

01-20-2011 - Quick Review of C Programming pptx pdf video. See also Forum post.

01-18-2011 - ME964 Syllabus. Course overview pptx pdf video.

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