Edward J. Haug, Computer Aided Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems (Allyn and Bacon, 1989) pdf of book

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Link to video recordings of the lectures video.

On the global parameterization of the 3D rotation Stuelpnagel 1964 Paper.

Chapter 9 Supplement (provided by Ed Haug) pdf.

ADAMS/Solver Primer: pdf

An example of a very simple input file in a format used by ADAMS adm.

Summary of key Kinematics identities (provided by Ed Haug) pdf.

Newton Methods, MATLAB codes: [Newton-Raphson] [Modified-Newton] [Quasi-Newton].


11.21.2016 - Assignment 11: Due 12.02.2016 pdf

11.11.2016 - Assignment 10: Due 11.18.2016 pdf

11.04.2016 - Assignment 09: Due 11.11.2016 pdf

10.28.2016 - Assignment 08: Due 11.04.2016 pdf

10.21.2016 - Assignment 07: Due 10.28.2016 pdf

10.14.2016 - Assignment 06: Due 10.21.2016 pdf

10.07.2016 - Assignment 05: Due 10.14.2016 pdf

09.30.2016 - Assignment 04: Due 10.07.2016 pdf

09.23.2016 - Assignment 03: Due 09.30.2016 pdf

09.16.2016 - Assignment 02: Due 09.23.2016 pdf

09.09.2016 - Assignment 01: Due 09.16.2016 pdf




L29: 11.23.2016 - Locking in finite elements. Implementation of ANCF shell element in Chrono. Examples. pdf.

L28: 11.09.2016 - Bilinear ANCF shell element. Curved initial configurations in Continuum Mechanics. pdf.

L27: 11.07.2016 - ANCF beam elements. ANCF “cable” element implementation pdf.

L26: 11.04.2016 - Introduction to the absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF). Constraints with ANCF finite elements pdf.

L25: 11.02.2016 - FFR Review. Geometrically exact beam theory. Isoparametric finite elements pdf.

L24: 10.31.2016 - Examples on the equations of motion of the FFR. Finite element FFR: Intermediate Coordinate System pdf. Supplement: 2D Examples pdf

L23: 10.28.2016 - Equations of motion of the FFR. Model order reduction pdf.

L22: 10.26.2016 - Kinematics of the floating frame of reference (FFR): Attachment conditions pdf.

L21: 10.24.2016 - Introduction flexible multibody systems: Co-rotational formulation pdf.

L20: 10.21.2016 - Friction and contact: the complementarity approach pdf. Maximum dissipation approach to Coulomb’s friction model pdf

L19: 10.19.2016 - Solution of the DAEs of Multibody Dynamics. Handling friction and contact (penalty approach) (IVPs) pdf. Coordinate Partitioning pdf.

L18: 10.17.2016 - BDF Methods. Handling 1DOF mass-spring-damper. Handling index 3 DAEs pdf.

L17: 10.14.2016 - BDF approach to solving IVPs. pdf. Supplement: Runge-Kutta and AB-AM methods pdf. Deriving 2nd order BDF pdf. Iteration Matrix for Implicit Euler pdf

L16: 10.12.2016 - Elements of the solution of Initial Value Problems (IVPs) pdf.

L15: 10.10.2016 - Inverse Dynamics. Equilibrium Analysis. Solution of IVP pdf. Examples: Dangling cube pdf. Inverse Dynamics pdf. Equilibrium Analysis pdf

L14: 10.07.2016 - Loose ends, the r - p flavour of the EOM. TSDA and RSDA pdf.

L13: 10.05.2016 - Handling constraint reaction forces. EOM, the r - p flavor pdf.

L12: 10.03.2016 - Deriving the EOM using the Principle of Virtual Work pdf.

L11: 09.30.2016 - Warm up, Dynamics Analysis: virtual displacements pdf.

L10: 09.28.2016 - Computing Jacobian information for the basic GCons pdf. Newton-Raphson material.

L09: 09.26.2016 - Geometric Constraints. DP1, DP2, D, and DC. Higher pair joints. pdf. RHS for GCon-DP1.

L08: 09.23.2016 - Angular velocity w/ Euler params. Kinematics of mechanisms. pdf. Examples: Particle on Circle.

L07: 09.21.2016 - Using Euler parameters as DOFs for rotation. pdf. Examples: Getting h from k (Eul.Theorem).The p and -pdiscussion.

L06: 09.19.2016 - Overview of modeling features of Chrono. pdf

L05: 09.16.2016 - Using Euler angles as DOFs for rotation. pdf. Examples: Rot. About OX axis A.

L04: 09.14.2016 - Changing reference frames. Orientation matrix. Angular velocity of a rigid body pdf. Examples: Assemble A.

L03: 09.12.2016 - Calculus review wrap up. Geometric Vectors. Reference frames. pdf

L02: 09.09.2016 - Review, elements of Linear Algebra and Calculus. pdf. Examples: Ch. Rule 1Ch. Rule 2Ch. Rule 3.

L01: 09.07.2016 - Overview of class. Odds and ends. pdf

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