Edward J. Haug, Computer Aided Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems (Allyn and Bacon, 1989) pdf of book

ME751 Discussion Forum:Forum

Getting Started with ADAMS: ADAMS Tutorials

ADAMS/Solver Primer: pdf

On the global parameterization of the 3D rotation Stuelpnagel 1964 Paper.

Chapter 9 Supplement (provided by Ed Haug) pdf.

Summary of key Kinematics identities (provided by Ed Haug) pdf.

An example of a very simple input file in a format used by ADAMS adm.

Newton Methods, MATLAB codes: [Newton-Raphson] [Modified-Newton] [Quasi-Newton].


01.21.2010 - Assignment 01:Due 01.28.2010 pdf

01.28.2010 - Assignment 02:Due 02.04.2010 pdf

02.04.2010 - Assignment 03:Due 02.11.2010 pdf

02.11.2010 - Assignment 04:Due 02.18.2010 pdf

02.18.2010 - Assignment 05:Due 02.25.2010 pdf

02.25.2010 - Assignment 06:Due 03.04.2010 pdf

03.04.2010 - Assignment 07:Due 03.11.2010 pdf

03.11.2010 - Assignment 08:Due 03.18.2010 pdf

03.18.2010 - Assignment 09:Due 03.25.2010 pdf

03.25.2010 - Assignment 10:Due 04.08.2010 pdf

04.08.2010 - Assignment 11:Due 04.15.2010 pdf

04.15.2010 - Assignment 12:Due 04.29.2010 pdf



Final Project Proposals:First Cut

Student Feedback:1 Month (4 students)

3D Simulation Engine

Students’ Code:View

Category Winners (available after May 15, 2010):Speed Functionality Pre-Processing Post-Processing

Lectures [PPT Slides]

NOTE 1:Opening a pptx presentation: right click the link, then save the file to your machine with the pptx extension.

NOTE 2:If interested in editing pictures and equations in the pptx: equations (most of them) generated with TexPoint; images generated in Visio (double click and import in Visio for editing).

ME751 Master Document: Compilation of All Lectures pdf.

01.19.2010- ME751 Lecture 01 ppt pdf.

01.21.2010- ME751 Lecture 02 ppt pdf. Examples: Ch. Rule 1Ch. Rule 2Ch. Rule 3

01.26.2010- ME751 Lecture 03 ppt pdf mp3. Examples: ScalarMultDistributive

01.28.2010- ME751 Lecture 04 ppt pdf mp3. Examples: Assemble A.

02.02.2010- ME751 Lecture 05 pptx pdf mp3.

02.04.2010- ME751 Lecture 06: ADAMS Quick Intro Presentation given by Makarand and Justin pdf

02.09.2010- ME751 Lecture 07 pptx pdf mp3. Examples: Rot. About OX axis A.

02.11.2010- ME751 Lecture 08 pptx pdf mp3. Examples: Getting h from k (Eul.Theorem).The pand -pdiscussion.

02.16.2010- ME751 Lecture 09 pptx pdf mp3. Examples: Particle on Circle.

02.18.2010- ME751 Lecture 10 pptx pdf mp3. Examples: RHS for GCon-DP1 acc. eq.

02.23.2010- ME751 Lecture 11 pptx pdf mp3.

02.25.2010- ME751 Lecture 12 pptx pdf mp3. Newton Raphson Material: pptx

03.02.2010- ME751 Lecture 13 pptx pdf mp3.

03.04.2010- ME751 Lecture 14 pptx pdf mp3.

03.09.2010- ME751 Lecture 15 pptx pdf mp3. Handout, deriving EOM pdf.

03.11.2010- ME751 Lecture 16 pptx pdf mp3.

03.16.2010- ME751 Lecture 17 pptx pdf mp3. Handout, deriving EOM, the r-pformulation pdf.

03.18.2010- ME751 Lecture 18 pptx pdf mp3.

03.23.2010- ME751 Lecture 19 pptx pdf mp3. Supplement: Runge-Kutta and AB-AM methods pptx pdf

03.25.2010- ME751 Lecture 20 pptx pdf mp3. Example, NR for Implicit Integration pdf.

04.06.2010- ME751 Lecture 21 pptx pdf mp3. Derivation, 2nd Order BDF pdf.

04.08.2010- ME751 Lecture 22 pptx pdf mp3. Coordinate Partitioning pdf.

04.13.2010- ME751 Lecture 23 pptx pdf mp3.

04.15.2010- ME751 Lecture 24 pptx pdf mp3.

04.20.2010- ME751 Lecture 25 pptx pdf mp3.

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