Edward J. Haug, Computer Aided Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems (Allyn and Bacon, 1989) pdf of book

ME451 Discussion Forum: Forum

Getting Started with ADAMS: ADAMS Tutorials

ADAMS/Solver Primer: pdf

Newton Methods, MATLAB codes: Newton-Raphson Modified-Newton Quasi-Newton.


MATLAB Assignment 10.05.2010:Due 10.19.2010 pdf

MATLAB Assignment 10.19.2010:Due 10.26.2010 pdf

MATLAB Assignment 10.26.2010:Due 11.09.2010 pdf

MATLAB Assignment 11.11.2010:Due 11.18.2010 pdf

MATLAB Assignment 11.18.2010:Due 11.30.2010 pdf

MATLAB Assignment 11.30.2010:Due 12.07.2010 pdf



Final Exam Information:pdf

Exam 1, Take-Home Component:pdf

Exam 2, Take-Home Component:pdf

2D Simulation Engine

Students’ Code:View

Lectures [PPT Slides]

NOTE 1: Opening a pptx presentation: right click the link, then save the file to your machine with the pptx extension.

NOTE 2: If interested in editing pictures and equations in the pptx: equations (most of them) generated with TexPoint; images generated in Visio (double click and import in Visio for editing).

ME451 Master Document: Compilation of All Lectures pdf.

09.02.2010- ME451 Lecture 01 ppt pdf.

09.07.2010- ME451 Lecture 02 ppt pdf mp3.

09.09.2010- ME451 Lecture 03 ppt pdf mp3.

09.14.2010- ME451 Lecture 04 ppt pdf mp3.

09.16.2010- ME451 Lecture 05 ppt pdf mp3.

09.21.2010- ME451 Lecture 06 ADAMS Tutorial 1.

09.23.2010- ME451 Lecture 07 ADAMS Tutorial 2.

09.28.2010- ME451 Lecture 08 ppt pdf mp3.

09.30.2010- ME451 Lecture 09 ppt pdf.

10.05.2010- ME451 Lecture 10 ppt pdf mp3.

10.07.2010- ME451 Lecture 11 ppt pdf mp3.

10.12.2010- ME451 Lecture 12 ADAMS Tutorial 3.

10.14.2010- ME451 Lecture 13 ADAMS Tutorial 4.

10.19.2010- ME451 Lecture 14 ppt pdf mp3.

10.21.2010- ME451 Lecture 15 ppt pdf mp3.

10.26.2010- ME451 Lecture 16 ppt pdf mp3.

10.28.2010- ME451 Lecture 17 ppt pdf mp3.

11.02.2010- Midterm Exam 1.

11.04.2010- ME451 Lecture 18 ppt pdf mp3.

11.09.2010- ME451 Lecture 19 ppt pdf mp3.

11.11.2010- ME451 Lecture 20 ppt pdf mp3.

11.16.2010- ME451 Lecture 21 ppt pdf mp3.

11.18.2010- ME451 Lecture 22 ppt pdf mp3.

11.23.2010- ME451 Lecture 23 ppt pdf mp3.

11.30.2010- ME451 Lecture 24 ppt pdf mp3.

12.07.2010- ME451 Lecture 25 ppt pdf mp3.

12.09.2010- ME451 Lecture 26 ppt pdf mp3.

12.14.2010- ME451 Lecture 27 ppt pdf mp3.

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